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Sustainability Management

EHS Policy Highlighting EHS Importance by Implementing Environmental/Human-Centric Management.

By placing importance on EHS principles compliance that observes Environmental/Human-Centered Approach, LB Semicon constantly seeks to protect the environment and provide a safe & pleasant workplace to its employees.

Environment Protection Minimize pollutant emissions by resources and energy-saving.
Promoting a Safe & Healthy Working Atmosphere Fundamentally eliminate potential risk factors as to provide a safe and healthy working place.
EHS Goal Setting EHS related goals are set in order to maintain and improve EHS accomplishments.
EHS Law Compliance Abide by EHS regulations and comply to the requests of concerned parties.
EHS Evaluation & Risk Reduction Perform overall assessment on the company’s environmental/risk factors and reduce risks.
Continuous Enhancement Constantly invest capital in order to increase EHS accomplishment rates.
Employee’s Consent & Participation In terms of EHS activities, involvement and consent of all employees are guaranteed.