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Conflict Minerals LB Semicon's Conflict Minerals Policy.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Article 1 : purpose

LB Semicon Co., Ltd. complies with the restrictions on the use of conflict minerals enforced by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and pledge not to use minerals in conflict areas in our products.

Article 2 : Conflict Minerals (3TG)

4 types of minerals mined in conflict areas : Tin (TIN) / Tungsten (W) / Tantalum (TA) / Gold (AU)
conflict areas : DR Congo, Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Central Africa

Article 3 : Regulations

In the Republic of Congo and neighboring countries, the mining and distribution of conflict minerals causes social problems such as human rights violations, provision of civil war costs etc. To prevent these problems, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is compelling U.S. listed companies and related companies to report related information when dealing with the product. (Related Homepage :

Article 4 : Conflict Minerals Policy and Countermeasures

① As part of complying with the above regulations, our company prohibits the use of minerals produced in conflict areas among products supplied by partners.
② We pledged to use only minerals from smelters certified by CFS-FREE related to conflict minerals. (Related Homepage :
③ Suppliers that supply raw materials to us must provide information on the origin of the mineral (smelter) through CMRT. (CMRT : Conflict Minerals Reporting Template)