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Sustainability Management

Social Responsibility LB Semicon is deeply committed to its social responsibility for a more harmonious society.

Eco-friendly manufacturing process
∙ Non-CN type products
∙ Pb-Free Solder Bump
∙ Lead Free Packaging
∙ RoHS Packaging
Contributing to local communities
∙ Regular sponsorship for local children in near-poverty groups
∙ Sponsorship for local children's centers and voluntary activities
∙ Sponsorship for activities to prevent youth crime in the region
∙ Funding the development of nearby local schools
∙ Sponsorship for nearby senior care centers
∙ Supporting the self-reliance of women from military camp towns
∙ Cleaning activities in the industrial complex
∙ Sponsorship for promising young artists
Contributing to economic growth
∙ Continuous profits generation
∙ Investment in capital
∙ Development of new technology
∙ Job creation for the young and elderly as well as for the disabled
LB Semicon Inc. is creating a more comfortable and relaxed society by actively making societal contributions to ensure a more equitable distribution of profits with the local community.
With the Creating Social Ecosystem (CSE) where we build up a sense of community with all stakeholders, we are fully committed to fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities.

Important Activities

We share hopes for warm love and a better future.
In an attempt to make this world a better place to live for everyone, we strive to fully fulfill a variety of social responsibilities. With its continuous efforts to make social contributions, LB Semicon Inc. will continue its efforts to help create a world where everyone is better off.