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Sustainability Management

Ethical Management A company that shares happy memories and dreams of a better future

LB Semicon Inc. aims to become a world-class enterprise
by providing high-quality products and services based on its human resources and technology.

LB Semicon Inc. seeks to create customer value, advocating the free market economy that values free and fair competition, under its management philosophy of “customer value creation” and “human-oriented management”; and pursue harmony and human-oriented perspectives based on mutual trust and cooperation. We pursue working for the benefits of all stakeholders by putting an emphasis on meritocracy and efficiency.

Ethical Management

Moral Management

Responsibility and Duty to Customers LB Semicon’s true value lies in customer satisfaction and the company is strongly determined to produce top-quality products and services in order to grow into a world-class company.
Fair Competition LB Semicon Inc. pays due regard to the culture and customs of all regions and countries in which it conducts business and further pursues mutual growth in the long term by establishing mutual trust and cooperation through fair competition in compliance with their laws and morals.
Fair Transaction LB Semicon Inc. makes all of its transactions based on the principle of free competition where equal opportunity for participation is given, and conducts business in good faith based on the principle of live-and-let-live by building mutual trust and cooperation through transparent and fair competition where both parties are equally treated.

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Ethical Management

Code of Ethics for Employees LB Semicon's employees are deeply committed to developing right values based on a spirit of enterprise and adventure and fulfilling their assigned duties through ceaseless self-improvement and fair job performance.
Responsibility for the Country and Society
1. Contribution to Societal Development
LB Semicon Inc. pursues sound business activities to contribute to the country's economic growth, creates jobs and meets its tax obligations, and fulfills its responsibilities and obligations as a corporate citizen contributing to the development of local communities.
2. Environmental Conservation
1) All employees should be committed to the cause of a “Clean LB Semicon” by making every effort to improve the environment and prevent further degradation for the preservation of a clean environment.
2) All employees should comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as procedures, and only do what is permitted.
3. Maximization of Shareholder Value
1) We aim to secure shareholders’ interests in a long-term and stable manner by maintaining sound management of business operations, promoting reasonable investments, reducing costs, and improving productivity.
2) We provide our shareholders with a sufficient amount of necessary information in a fair and timely manner.
3) We strive to maximize our shareholders’ interests by promoting transparent management and fair business activities.