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Micro Bump

Fine Pitch micro bump (Cu/SnAg)
U-bump process capability
8inch and 12inch available
Target product : u-LED
u-bump development status
10um pitch internally qualified.
8um pitch under development (Internal qualification to be done by 2022)
U-bump material
Ni / Lead free SnAg

Higher Performance WLCSP

High volume production since 2017
Developed for power IC to carry higher current density
Comparison of Jmax between typical WLP and HCTM WLP
HCTM WLP can handle x3 time higher current than typical WLP
HC series can offer excellent EM & BLR performance by combination of thick RDL and UBM
HCTM 1L (Single RDL)
HCTM 2L (Dual RDL)
Comparison of Jmax
Typical WLP : 1.25A per a ball @ device temp 105℃
HCTM WLP : 3.82A per a ball @ device temp 105℃


Higher current carrying capacity (by Thicker RDL & UBM)
Higher reliability (by Full UBM wetting)
More thinner Package profile (by TB/DB system)
Development status
Development of 6mm x 6mm size FOWLP in the 3rd quarter of 2021
Target product : PMIC, RFIC
Package information
Layer Specification
Package dim. 6 x 6 x 0.55mm
Chip dim. 5 x 5 x 0.32mm
Ball pitch 400um
Mold thickness 350um
Bump structure 2P2M (1st PSV/ RDL / 2nd PSV/ UBM)